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PH: Loreta Broka.

Several years ago, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, a band of unique strength and style was beginning to develop. Bloody Heels is the name with which Vicky White (voice), Harry Rivers (guitarist) Gunn Everett (bass) and Gus Hawk (drums), decided to bring new airs of 80s glam rock.

    • -¿ What can you tell us about the music scene in your country?

    Well if we're talking about rock scene, then it's quite small here. We're a small country in general, but we try to play here as much as we can. Cool thing is that we're surrounded by bigger countries - that's why we try to go to Finland, Sweden, Germany etc as much as possible.

    • ¿Could you tell us how the band came about?

    It was a bit more than 7 years ago, I was sixteen years old. Honestly it was fate I think, haha. I was going home and somehow that time I thought to take a different route and on my way going home I remembered that there was like this art school party happening and I knew some people there. So I decided to go there, met there Chris, our previous bassist and pretty much the rest is history. Years later, with a bit of line-up change, here we are , haha ! I could go on and on about that night, but that's a story for a different time !

    Bloody Heels carries on his shoulders an EP of five songs released in 2014, called Summer Nights, and from which you can see the video Hungry For Your Love. Subsequently, they released Through Mystery in 2017. The LP has eleven of the most strong songs of recent times and which delights us with the official video of Cheap Little Liar. Currently, the band is releasing the single  and video of what will be their second masterpiece Ignite The Sky.

PH: Loreta Broka.


    • -You have recently launched Criminal Masterminds, what can you tell us about its production?

    It was helluva fun, haha ! Honestly I think to this date it's our heaviest song. Pretty much our album was done, but some rehearsal me and Harry (guitarist) were waiting for the other guys. So we just started to mess around with guitar tuning and that's how the song came. To be fair it was one of those songs that was done quite fast, at least the structure.

    • The next album will be released shortly ¿what can you tell us about the composition and production?

    Yeah, "Ignite The Sky" will come out July 10th via Frontiers Music srl ! First of all we're really happy that it's going to be released through one of the best rock labels nowadays. That being said I think that in general the album is gonna be a bit heavier, darker, but it's not gonna miss all the melodic stuff that we love so much and the "Bloody Heels" essence. I like to call this album Dark AOR, haha ! I think that people that enjoyed our previous album, will enjoy this as well, though people that likes heavier music will dig this too. All in all I'd say that it's more personal.

PH: Paul Zvirbulis

    • ¿How do you go through the current situation as a band?

    Well it's quite hard as it is everywhere and for everyone. All the gigs were cancelled and for now there are none that are planned for the future. But despite everything, we're quite happy that the first single and music video was released and we're getting back great response from people. That makes us happy. Oh and yeah - we try to rehearse a bit as well, just to stay in shape and be ready when all this is over.

    • ¿Will we see the band in Argentina someday?

    YES PLEASE ! We love Argentina and South America in general, the people there are awesome and really passionate about things. We have few fans from Argentina and they are just awesome. And we really hope that one day we can go to the beautiful country of Argentina !

PH: Paul Zvirbulis

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