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Interview: Jessica Vispo.
Ph: Max D'Orsogna
Pictures: Fuluwatu

Nietzsche was not wrong when he referred to music as one of the most precious elements we have on earth, and that without a doubt, life would be a very serious mistake without it. This wonderful language transcends the borders of the world, the mental borders, and envelops us in its epicenter, to remind us that we are alive, and that we vibrate in every possible way. Like an old phrase that says "Everything is music because everything is vibration". This is how we are introduced to the Dutch duo Feng Suave, made up of Daniel De Jong and Daniel Elvis Schoemaker.

Daniel and Elvis got to know each other through participation in a talent show. After this, they contacted each other to come together and form the project that we know today as Feng Suave. The peculiarity of the name came from the label of a Portuguese shampoo that said "Ultra Soft", which they mixed in a pun with Feng Shui. In turn, the fusion of both concepts is unified in two words that end up giving the final result of "Feng Suave", Soft Wind.

Feng Suave is officially released in October 2017, with its self-titled EP of four wonderfully psychedelic songs: Honey, There's No Time, By The Poolside, Sink into the Floor and Noche Oscura, although previously, in June of the same year they had already released his first track "Sink into the Floor".

  • What can you tell us about the essence and musical concept of Feng Suave?

Not much really. The essence is just very simple. We’re two guys that love to make music (with lots of other people too, not just the two of us). Our goal is to create songs about day to day situations and be kind of observational in our approach while maintaining a personal style that is trying not to be too cynical (which is hard sometimes).

  • This year is planned the release of his new album, what can you tell us about him and his definition?

It’s going to be 6 songs, so I believe that’s actually an EP, but that’s all good. It consists of songs we really dig and we have spent quite some time writing them, so we’re just glad to get them out there. Lyrically we mostly speak about growing up, how life’s not going to be what we initially expected,  waking up with this self loathing and realising you’re not that important.

  • The video Maybe another Time was released in March this year, why did you decide to make it with this song and what can you tell us about the idea and its production?

The idea behind the song is that you feel shitty and you can’t enjoy the world around you. At the same time you know that the world is actually very beautiful and it’s just your own perception that’s the problem. In the song we ask the world to stay as pretty as it is until we have fixed ourselves up, so that we can enjoy it again at a later time. The video was shot on a beautiful location, mostly in nature, to match the vibe of the song. We went all the way over to Normandy, France to shoot the music video, since the landscapes are unlike what we have over in the Netherlands (not hating, just flat and very little features over here).




So far this year, they have presented several singles and videos, with dynamics and interesting proposals, managing to assemble the ideas with the different styles that are mixed in the songs.

 Your music transcends borders of all kinds and seems to penetrate the spirit, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility, as well as joy. What do you think of this that you produce from your music? How do you feel it?

It’s great to hear that people find happy feelings, peace and tranquility in our music. We personally feel there’s also quite some bitterness and sadness in there, but I guess the mix of all those emotions is what keeps things interesting.

On April 17 of the current year, the duo presented the wonderful single I´m Warping Here, an authentic piece of approximately three and a half minutes, where the band unfolds an expansive soundscape.

 Do you plan to make the video of I´m Warping Here? What can you tell us about your new single released a few hours ago?

Yeah we plan to make a video for it. It was quite difficult given the current covid-19 restrictions, but a video is on the way. This new single is a kind of ‘coming of age’ story. It talks about how life loses it’s innocence as you grow older and you start asking questions. We basically miss being young and stupid, because now we’re old and stupid, and it’s just not the same.

 What can you tell us about the somewhat surreal illustrations, chosen for the singles of the new album?

We stumbled upon ‘fuluwatu’ on Instagram ,she’s this amazing artist, and we thoroughly enjoyed her work so we sent her a message. Her works suited the music very well since a lot of the themes on the EP are related to our own youth and growing up. She mixes cartoon style images with these beautiful landscapes, so it all just worked out naturally.


Saving the current world context, Will there be a near possibility of a Feng Suave show in Argentina?

We would absolutely love to come to Argentina and all of Latin America actually. We had two shows planned in Mexico, but unfortunately those were cancelled due to covid-19 virus. When we come back to Mexico, we would love to do more shows in Latin America since we are kind of ‘in the neighbourhood’ (not really, but when you come all the way from Europe, it kind of feels that way).

Music is one of the most wonderful things we have, the most valuable treasure. Whatever the moment, going through difficulties, celebrating the good news, every moment is propitious and worth celebrating with music. Suddenly, Feng Suave becomes an inexhaustible source of auditory creativity, recreating worlds of immense softness, sounds that touch our sensibility and at the same time, allow us to appreciate them as a true jewel in the world, a wonderful delight for the spirit.

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