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Photos courtesy de Shiraz Lane.

It is no coincidence that Finland is becoming a revelation, due to the number of artists and bands that have been emerging in recent years. Art and freedom always as a flag and an incredible force that pushes forward, this is how Shiraz Lane emerged. Approximately eleven years ago, a dream formed by five key elements began in Vantaa: Hannes Kett on vocals, Ana Willman on drums, Miki Kalske on rhythm guitar, Jani Laine on main guitar and Joel Hiljanen on bass.

Shiraz Lane began to form slowly, with two members as founding heads of the band (Hannes and Ana). They both knew each other from school, and it was in 2009 when they decided to move forward with this project, which gradually flourished with them. Later, the incorporation of Miki came, and later, in 2011, Jani. Since then, they began recording songs and performing live shows. It was not until 2014, with the final integration of Joel (the missing piece), that the band was consolidated.

They have two demos: It Won´t Hurt Before it Strikes (2011), Lights Out (2012) and the record of an EP (2015) called Be The Slave Or Be The Change. Finally in 2016 they released For Crying Out Loud, their first LP, with the label of the producer Frontiers Music. In 2017 the promotion of his second LP titled Carnival Days begins, bringing to light the video Harder To Breathe in October. The finalized album came out in 2018.

Currently, the band is in the production of their third studio material, titled Vibration I, an authentic piece that was revealed to us with advances such as the video Do You, having been released in October 2019, recorded by Joni Ketola and produced by Per Aldeheim, and also the singles Revolution, To The Moon & Back, Keep It Alive and You Will Remain.

                                                                           Ph: Tero_Kotsalainen

¿Can you tell us something about the next album?

 -We are currently working on new songs and ideas of which we will eventually pick the most suitable songs to complete the album. Due to the current situation we have all the time in the world to create and compose so let’s see where the road takes this time.

¿Are you planning to release more singles, or after Keep It Alive will you definitely release full Vibration I?

 -The Vibration I EP is out and available on all modern music platforms. The sequel for this collection is under construction.

 Since its inception, the first video with which they were presented is Out There Somewhere, published on October 21, 2014. Shiraz Lane has always been characterized for carrying out not only the design, but also the filming and editing of their own videos.

 Nowadays, how do you make the videos? ¿Do you still do it with the same freedom as in the beginning when you edited yourselves?

 -Yes, we have stuck with the DIY attitude, but of course if we had the budget it would be great to have a bigger team working on the production. But as you implied, I think it is imperative that we retain our freedom to execute the process the way we see fit.

 ¿How do you live the current world situation?

 -I think it is important to follow guidelines to prevent the disease from spreading and to protect those who are in danger due to risk factors. On a positive note, I think this is a rare opportunity to stop for a second and take a look at things from a different perspective and change your behavior towards a more content outcome regarding your personal wellbeing and the global situation. There are lessons to be learned if you just keep your mind open.

 On April 3, the band gave a closed-door show at SemiLive studios-concept. The concert was broadcast on the World Wide Web.

 ¿How you feel about the past experience of Semi Live?

 -It was a great way to connect with people at time when physical contact is prohibited. To be honest, I don’t think it can replace the real live concert experience, but it is surely a channel that can be developed for an alternative form of involvement.

In 2014 they won the Hard Rock Rising in Helsinki, and as a prize, they played at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto (Canada). In the fall of 2016 they went on a European tour for two months with Lordi, before heading on their first tour in February 2017 in Spain.


 Your first EP was released in 2014, now, almost 5 years later you have one more EP and 2 LP, touring Europe and North América, you were even in Brazil last year. What impact did that sudden change have on your life and on the band?

 -I don’t think the change has actually been that sudden - the bubble has just kind of grown bigger during a period of time so it doesn’t seem that overwhelming actually. Sometimes though you have to take a moment to think about our journey and where we started. It is important to stay grateful and humble, but also hungry for more.

 ¿How does it feel to be able to live from music at your age? With thousands of fans around the world.

 Well we don’t live from music yet, but most certainly live for music and that is what really matters.  I think that all the fans around the world have noticed this and is the reason why our music speaks to them.

 And finally we are forced to ask this question, when are we going to be able to see Shiraz Lane in Argentina?

 -Hopefully in the near future, after all this mess with the virus is cleared up. We have already done Brazil so why not Argentina as well!

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